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  • Shan Morgain
    commented 2016-07-29 15:13:29 +0100
    I welcome the initiative of opening a public forum to debate ways of reforming our democratic politics. However I found the software system inadequate. There is no respect shown for the contributions given: contributors cannot mark another contribution with LIke for example. Nor can they Reply to another’s contribution, let alone Quote it.

    This makes any meaningful debate impossible. It will be – and already shows it – a mass of separate, atomised comments, all shouting ME!. A great many superficially “new” topics are really only repeating topics already posted.

    There are proper forum softwares available – Xenforo is the best, VBulletin quite good. PHBB is free but the first two are not expensive. All these have proper systems for Replying, Quoting, threading a topic to avoid repetition, moderation to merge similar topics, and to control heated ones.

    Please use a proper software to avoid this being a messy and meaningless exercise that appears to do a job but actually doesn’t.
  • Riley Linda
    commented 2016-06-13 20:07:48 +0100
    I have an invitation to Colchester meeting 14 July. Can you give me the address please?