Give MPs roles to represent a set of interests of the population

Currently, our MPs (aside from defence ministers etc.) are intended to represent our constituency – however people are increasingly less represented by their local area, and much more by their interests. Giving MPs the responsibility to represent the views of "small to medium business", "students" or even "interests around technology" means that people know who they can go to to have their voice heard within the party (at least a little more). The MPs selected to represent the views of a certain subset of people should preferably have some experience of that industry, making people feel as though they understand the view more thoroughly. This idea of bringing politics and policy to the people at home is vital to making people feel as though their vote counts for something, or at least they're less isolated if their local MP is not of their party, or simply doesn't represent their interests.

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  • Jack Weatherilt
    published this page in Join the debate 2016-05-10 07:00:50 +0100