Vote for R.O.N?

There is no doubt that there is a dislocation between politics and the public. Low turnout is not only a symptom of this malaise but a threat to democratic legitimacy, how many times do you see on LabourList comments and elsewhere that the current Tory government is illegitimate because it only got 36% of the vote - ignoring the fact that Labour only got 29%? It does raise a question though, what about the 33.6% who entered the political process by registering but did not vote? Were they split roughly along voting lines for the election but merely apathetic, perhaps in a safe seat of the wrong colour? Were they Momentums silent millions, yearning to vote Labour? Were they, and this is my bet, "a plague on both your houses"? If that is the case, a group who would comfortably beat Labour into third place and take the Tories to within 3% have no way of expressing an opinion at the ballot box, they are quite simply ignored once the votes are counted.

A R.O.N (Re Open Nominations) option would have two benefits:

A strong RON showing would be an unarguable and standing rebuke to our political elite, a measurable two fingers, forcing them for shame if nothing else to take the reshaping of our political landscape seriously.

It is likely to increase turnout, if only to add to the two fingers, increasing our knowledge of the true views of the Country; and as a bonus getting lapsed and first time voters into the polling booth, and those that vote once are likely to vote again. The parties would then have real incentive to try and ensure that next time they put their cross down for them by proper engagement instead of soundbites, an identified electorate that comes out to vote and is up for grabs.

R.O.N can only improve politics.

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  • Sue Fewster
    commented 2016-07-30 20:13:16 +0100
    What would happen if RON kept on being the winning option?
  • Sue Fewster
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  • Andy Leighton
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